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News just in that tea company Twinings has appointed a new agency – well, three actually, but we’re going to concentrate on the “speciality tea” market - to handle its £12 million advertising budget (an increase in recent spending from £3 million). As ever, we keep our minds nimble

For a truely great viral to be taken up by people you really need to have some great creative thinking. Samsung put together a professionally created set of videos and added interactivity. Limited product placement but the message is clearly displayed.

This was originally going to be an article on how we would represent Sky TV with experiential events…but, given that the Olympics are currently on and given that Rebecca Adlington and Jo Jackson have just memorably won gold and bronze medals in swimming’s 400m freestyle we thought we might change

The best way to ensure that people do something, is to pay them for it. It worked for Ray-Ban when the company bought attention to its newly unveiled advertisements by sending 100 sunglasses clad actors to a busy intersection in New York to stop and stare at the billboard. Word

We entered and we conquered. Hotcow are now the proud owners of an award, and our passion and resolves grows from strength to strength. The award was for 'Partnership Marketing' with the Charlottes Web DVD Release campaign for Paramount Home Entertainment. You can read all about it under

We’ve been watching the hype surrounding the new Batman film with a great deal of interest and, as you can imagine, all the while we’ve been plotting our own launch campaign. With something as large and widely anticipated as Batman it’s a safe bet to suggest that promotional activity should

Britvic and PepsiCo’s launching of a £5 million Gatorade advertising campaign recently didn’t pass us by – in case you were wondering. No, we were playing our usual game of “what if?” So, lets get to it…here’s what we’d have planned if PepsiCo had chosen us to handle the Gatorade

There is a time and a place in any industry where going it alone is not the best option (and sometimes it’s downright foolish), which is why we thought we’d broach the subject of partnerships.  To further clarify this – potentially complicated – subject; we refer specifically to agency partnerships

It may not be something we like to admit, but we live in a world where a demand for immediate satisfaction is the norm. No longer can companies spend generations building a reputation based on quality, customer service and longevity. Nope, in the current climate (and it’s one that’s unlikely