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Free samples can be an incredible way to improve loyalty in your customers and attract new markets to your business. In fact, with free samples, you can even entice your existing customers to buy more from you. However, before you allow your customers to sample everything you have to offer, it's

Back in the summer beauty giant Unilever created a powerful marketing campaign that mixed experiential with product sampling. Last August, it opened a pop-up store in New York, where consumers could test out various products and even create custom lotions and facial scrubs. The pop-up store was aimed at millennials and

When most businesses consider product sampling, they tend to think of traditional sampling. That is to say, campaigns that take place in supermarkets and shopping centres all over the world, where teams of promotional staff hand out freebies to consumers. Clearly, in terms of brand awareness and sales, this approach works.

Because product sampling involves giving away something that's potentially really nice for free, this is a strategy that works well. However, sampling is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around for ages. So, with technology and the world in general constantly changing, is product sampling still worthwhile? In a word, yes,

As humans, our senses are important. They obviously help us operate, but they each contribute to our emotional wellbeing. So, in terms of marketing, if we can create a strategy that leverages someone’s senses, it could prove to be a very powerful plan. Enter product sampling. Product sampling gives customers a taste,

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