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Mar 2015
product sampling

How to use product sampling to gain wider online talkability

The great British high street has long been a staple arena for experiential marketing. From gluten free muffins, to the latest anti-ageing cream, brands fight fiercely to grab our attention with eye-catching product demos and product sampling campaigns.
But with …

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Mar 2015

The top 10 guerrilla marketing campaigns

The Godfather of guerrilla marketing, Conrad Levinson, once said that; “Guerrilla marketers do not rely on the brute force of an outsized marketing budget. Instead, they rely on the brute force of a vivid imagination.” And this is as true …

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Mar 2015
Guerrilla marketing

Trade shows and guerrilla marketing

When done right, guerrilla marketing can really get you noticed at trade shows.
Picture the scene: A scruffy, middle-aged man is dressed as a baby angel, with a lyre in one hand and a cigar in the other. As you …

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Mar 2015

The benefits of product sampling for business

Put simply, product sampling works. Whether you’ve been in business for years or you’re just starting out, handing out free samples of your products can grab the attention of consumers.
In this post, we look at six top reasons to …

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Mar 2015
pr stunts

Top PR stunts

PR stunts work. Standing out from the crowd can be tough for any business. Even if your product is as good as anything already on the market, without word of mouth, it is difficult to get noticed.
Luckily for you, …

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Mar 2015

What is guerrilla marketing?

Polar bears wandering the streets of London and vending machines that dispense pizzas and balloon animals: these are just a couple of the wacky marketing tactics that fall under the umbrella of guerrilla marketing.
Despite it being over 30 years …

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Mar 2015
Product sampling

Shopping for your product samples

Any marketer working in the FMGC market knows the importance of product sampling to elicit customer feedback, but an American retailer has taken the concept to the next level with its new storefront ‘test and try’ emporium in Portland, Oregon, …

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Mar 2015
Air France

Air France uses guerrilla marketing

Air France has been using guerrilla marketing to promote new business class cabins. Every passenger hopes to get a free upgrade to business class when flying, but just what do you have to do to get one these days? Thanks …

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Mar 2015

Creating memorable brand experiences that go down in history

It is the Holy Grail for event marketers everywhere – creating memorable brand experiences that drive engagement and have a long-lasting, positive effect on both consumers and a brand. With the numerous online and offline marketing channels available today, reaching …

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Feb 2015
Product sampling and branding

Myths about product sampling: uncovered!

“Try before you buy.” What could be more enticing? Everybody loves to get something for free. This is product sampling at its best.
When you receive a sample of something you’re not familiar with, not only is there no financial …

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