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Sep 2014

Teleportation anyone? Check out Marriott Hotels’ experiential marketing campaign

Have you ever wanted to explore the sandy beaches of Hawaii, or see London from the top of a skyscraper, without spending a penny? Thanks to Marriott Hotels’ experiential marketing campaign, you can.
The reality is closer than you think. …

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Sep 2014

Brands go for gold with experiential marketing

Major sporting events such as the World Cup, Wimbledon and the Commonwealth Games have dominated the media in recent months, and each has thrown up a wealth of sponsorship and experiential marketing opportunities for brands across the world. Coca-Cola, Adidas, …

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Sep 2014

Measuring the Value of Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is becoming an essential ingredient of the marketing mix, principally because experiential events engage with consumers in one of the most effective ways possible – face to face.
The efficacy of experiential is unquestionable to brands that have …

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Sep 2014

When PR stunts go wrong…

There have been many cases where businesses and reputations have been built on the backs of fantastic publicity stunts; think Red Bull’s ‘Stratos Stunt’. However, there have also been instances when PR stunts have backfired, causing embarrassment and damage to …

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Sep 2014

The Age of the Feelies: 4DX technology

Ever heard of ‘feelies’? Well if not, read on. In recent years, the film industry has seen a host of new technologies aimed at beefing up the sensory aspects of the cinema-going experience, such as the expansion of the soundtrack …

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Sep 2014
teddy bears

Ambient Guerrilla Marketing: The Footprint Poster

In 2010, The Teddy Bear Museum in South Korea launched an extremely effective guerrilla marketing campaign to highlight the ignorance of the Korean public towards the illegal industry of Bear Bile Farming.
The museum teamed up with Creative Agency SwanSong, …

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Sep 2014

The Invisible World of Augmented Reality

Usually, the first rule of advertising is to make your brand as visible as possible, but for the last few years, marketers have been flipping the concept on its head and creating ‘invisible’ adverts, with the help of augmented reality …

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Sep 2014

Foot Locker, experiential marketing and the Triple Black Challenge

Well-known footwear brand Foot Locker stepped into the world of experiential marketing earlier this month with the launch of their new ‘Triple Black’ collection of trainers. The collection consists of six different Nike and Adidas shoe designs – all of …

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Sep 2014

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Between their morning newspapers, the billboard advertising on the way to work and the web ads on the office computer, consumers are bombarded with up to 1,600 marketing messages a day.
Advertising saturation means that it is becoming increasingly difficult …

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Aug 2014

Creating a viral phenomenon

Is there anyone left in the world that hasn’t seen an ice bucket challenge recently? The craze has swept through social media in recent weeks and, crucially, has raised awareness of ALS, putting it at the forefront of our minds. …

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