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Jul 2014
flash mob

The Power of the Flash Mob

We’ve all heard of and seen them – flash mob publicity stunts. This craze in experiential marketing brings an experience to people in unexpected moments, eliciting a sense of wonder to those that witness them.
The flash mob craze began …

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Jul 2014

Zombies and blood – when experiential marketing gets dirty

When season four of the hit TV show The Walking Dead came to the Fox Channel in Portugal, the people responsible for the show’s PR used experiential marketing to come up with a fantastic way of raising awareness and making …

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Jul 2014

Guerrilla marketing: whatever you do, don’t press the button!

When it comes to guerrilla marketing and experiential marketing strategies, there’s nothing quite like tapping into the human psyche and creating a bit of suspense. We love it. Marketing has to be engaging otherwise it’s failed, so creating something that’s …

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Jul 2014

Experiential marketing brings the high street to life

As our lives become busier and hitting the high street seems more of a hassle than a pleasure, the lure of the internet is hard to resist. Researching online before we buy is pretty imperative these days, and we head …

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Jul 2014

More experiential marketing from Delites

You know you’ve created a winning marketing campaign when you can continue to use a theme over and over again. What this shows us is that it’s important to understand human psychology. We’re humans and we don’t like change. People …

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Jul 2014

Find a celeb and give your brand a boost

Getting a celeb with huge PR potential and social following can really help take your brand to the people who need to hear about it. But it needs to be authentic and the talent need to be on message and …

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Jul 2014

Great marketing with First Great Western

It’s all aboard with First Great Western, as they deliver a recent example of simple, effective experiential marketing. Proving that an experiential campaign doesn’t have to be off-the-wall, the train company took a Scalextric model train set on tour in …

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Jul 2014
comic book

Market your business with comic books and get some POW!

When it comes to storytelling, it’s hard to beat the success of the comic book. The history of the comic varies from culture to culture, but scholars have posited a pre-history as far back as the Lascaux cave paintings (over …

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Jun 2014

Experiential meets traditional marketing as billboards get a makeover.

When European Rail Experts,, wanted to get people talking about a new online deal they turned traditional billboard advertising into an experiential marketing extravaganza. Their ‘Les Instants V’ offer allows travellers to book train tickets at the same time …

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Jun 2014

How did Nike come to engage with cycling enthusiasts?

From time to time, Hotcow likes to look back through the archives to learn from some great PR and marketing strategies from yesteryear.
Back in 2009, Nike teamed up with Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong campaign, which focuses on inspiring and assisting …

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