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If you have no idea what shopper marketing is, you're not alone. Although it’s been around for some time, the focus for marketers has traditionally been devoted to focusing on the needs of the consumer – that is the consumption of goods and services. What's been ignored is understanding shoppers —

When PR stunts work, they're amazing. And they great thing about PR stunts is that they work across every industry. The movie industry isn't exactly shy about self-promotion. After all, the Academy Awards began in 1928 as a way to generate media coverage for the movies and stars of the day.And

Summer brings with it a whole host of festivals; from Glastonbury to the Leeds & Reading Festival and the Secret Garden Party, there’s something to suit every music fan. There’s also a product sampling opportunity to suit every brand.Music festivals have long been considered one of the most desired destinations

Are you thinking of using product sampling? Well start by asking yourself a question – what is the ultimate purpose of your business? To make money? To improve people’s lives? To revolutionise a particular market-place?Whatever your business goals, you can get a lot closer to achieving them with product sampling. It’s

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