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Apr 2014

Use ‘selfies’ to boost your brand.

To say that taking ‘selfies’ is a growing trend would be an understatement – it’s all the rage, everyone’s at it. Amazingly, the word ‘selfie’ was even officially added to the Oxford dictionary last year.
But what isn’t so well …

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Apr 2014

No budget? No excuse! Make some noise with Grassroots Marketing.

For anyone starting a new business, marketing is essential. There’s no point having a fantastic product or service if no-one knows about it. And today’s obsession with social media means that simple marketing strategies have never been more effective and …

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Apr 2014

How guerrilla marketing can make you famous.

Unconventional, whacky marketing tactics can have a massive impact. Guerrilla advertising is much like guerrilla warfare: placing ambushes, sabotages, raids and elements of surprise within the marketing industry. Despite it often being a low-cost tactic that delivers maximum results, it …

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Apr 2014

Strong emotions + good memories = great marketing.

There’s a very good, simple reason why a lot of companies are investing in experiential marketing – it’s that strong emotions and memorable experiences affect humans in very profound ways.
The success of ad campaigns by the likes of John …

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Apr 2014
Honda_lawn mower

Honda and the Mean Mower – marketing with a difference.

Honda thought of a clever way to promote their innovative nature recently. Instead of using tired marketing techniques, over-used slogans or saturating the social media scene, they applied their magic to something that’s in every garden shed: a lawnmower.
In …

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Apr 2014
Thumbs-up like

Guerrilla marketing – how to make a lasting impression.

We live in a world where we’re bombarded with marketing and advertising messages wherever we go: on billboards, on the radio, on TV, on our mobile phones, you name it. With so much noise, it’s getting harder and harder for …

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Apr 2014
people watching projection mapping

Create a buzz with projection mapping experiences

Guerrilla Projection Mapping is an extraordinary experiential marketing and advertising technique that has the potential to reach more eyes than any other form of marketing. It’s fresh, current, wows audiences, creates a buzz and can go viral.
So, what is  …

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Feb 2014
guerrilla marketing campaign

Under the skirt – Guerrilla Marketing from Edel Books

Everybody knows about that iconic moment when Marilyn Monroe’s skirt lifted while standing above a subway grating.
To promote the new book Marilyn Intimate Exposures in Germany, Edel Books decided to create a guerrilla marketing campaign inspired by Marilyn’s most …

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Feb 2014

God of Guerrilla Marketing – what is possible!

In the world of guerrilla marketing, there are many different tactics that you can use to promote your brand. Whether you are doing something static like street ads or installation art, or an activity using brand ambassadors, your guerrilla campaign …

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Feb 2014
coca-cola invisible sampling machine

Coca-Cola creates an invisible vending machine

Over the last couple of years, we have seen many examples of vending machines used on sampling campaigns. As one of the first brands that started this trend, Coca-Cola is constantly bringing new experiments into their happiness campaign.
To spread …

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