Is there a wrong way to offer free samples?

By January 8, 2018General

Free samples can be an incredible way to improve loyalty in your customers and attract new markets to your business. In fact, with free samples, you can even entice your existing customers to buy more from you.

However, before you allow your customers to sample everything you have to offer, it’s worth knowing that providing too much can be a bad decision.

When people are presented with only a small selection of choices, deciding what they do can feel like a manageable experience. However, when you start adding more choices into the mix, our ability to choose one option starts to decline. Eventually, we reach a point where we can’t decide at all because we’re so overwhelmed.

Offering freebies, the right way

Everyone loves a free sample, but if you want your sampling campaign to have a positive impact, then you need a plan for the products you’re going to offer. Before you simply start to give things away, you’ll need to think about the following questions:

  • How are you going to measure the outcomes of your sample campaign? This could help you to avoid a spray and pray approach to sampling.
  • Who do you want to engage with your product? Are you introducing your samples to a new customer base, an existing one, or are you simply trying to generate loyalty for your brand? This will help you to get your samples to the right shoppers.
  • Why are you offering free samples? What are your goals and when do you hope to achieve them? Answering this question will help you to determine what to offer, where you should offer it, and how long your campaign might last.

Incorporating sampling into your business strategy

Science tells us that samples can be a powerful solution for modern companies because they help to create a sense of loyalty among customers and incentivize new clients to make a purchase. This is great for your business, but you might wonder how you can incorporate sampling into your strategy when your company is primarily online.

Remember, with the right plan, product samples don’t have to be reserved exclusively for physical retailers.

You can always consider offering a sampling pack to any customer that makes a purchase on your website or give people a digital download that they can take advantage of from your virtual store.

Offering samples correctly is about being creative, strategic, and customising the process to the needs of your brand. Don’t just give freebies out randomly, choose a sampling solution that works for you.

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