Why product sampling is crucial for marketing new products

By January 4, 2018General

Bringing a new product to the marketplace can be a complex and challenging experience.

You need to convince your target customer that the item you’re offering is better than what your competitors have to offer, but you also need to compel them to take the risk and trust your brand, in an age when consumers are more sceptical than ever.

The good news is that no matter how saturated the current marketplace might seem, you can still carve a space for yourself in your chosen industry with the help of one simple tactic: product sampling.

The challenge of selling a new product

If you’re delivering a brand-new product that’s never been seen before, then the challenge is convincing your customers that they need this item you have to offer.

On the other hand, if you’re introducing a variation of a pre-existing product, then you’ll need to compel your audience to switch to buying from you, instead of sticking with an already well-known company.

Product sampling is the solution that helps you to overcome both of those issues as cost-effectively, and efficiently as possible. It works on the premise that your customers simply want proof. They need to know for certain that you can offer them something valuable that they can’t get anywhere else.

While you can write a million marketing messages telling your customers that you’re the best, and share those messages on everything from television, to social media, the only true way to convince your clients that they need your product, is to let them try it for themselves.

Product sampling delivers long-term results

A lot of companies assume that the only value of product sampling is that it’s more likely to convince customers to buy your product when they’re browsing options in a local store. Tasting or trying a new product is exciting, and a little sample can be enough to convince your customers that they want more from your brand – but the benefits don’t stop there.

Product sampling also allows you to overcome the problem with “unfamiliarity” that can stop customers from purchasing your item in the long run.

Every time you give out a free sample, you can encourage customers to talk about their experience in the form of feedback and testimonials. Not only does this boost your exposure to word-of-mouth marketing, but it also means that you quickly gather the social proof that puts your product on the map.

With sampling, an unheard-of item can go from obscurity to viral fame in less than a week. Why not see what this strategy can do for you?

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