How to Instantly Upgrade Your Product Sampling Campaign

By November 2, 2017General

Let’s face it, everyone loves getting something for nothing.

If you’re having trouble engaging and attracting new customers, then one of the easiest ways to capture their attention, is to give them something for free. That’s why a product sampling campaign is such a simple and effective strategy for growing companies.

Of course, you can’t just give away your products and expect to see an instant upturn in your profit balance. If you want to earn the respect and loyalty of your target customers, then you’re going to need to upgrade your product sampling campaign with a few simple steps.

1.    Combine Product Sampling with Social Media

In recent years, social media has emerged as a powerful way for businesses to improve their relationships with customers, and give their brands a more recognisable personality online. When used correctly, a social media strategy can also give additional weight to your product sampling campaign, by providing your business with extra reach.

When people receive an exciting or unique product for free, they’re naturally more inclined to want to share that experience with other people online. By harnessing this behaviour with the use of branded hashtags and social sharing solutions, you can measure the reach of your product sampling campaign, and look for new ways to connect with a wider audience.

2.    Get Visual

Speaking of taking advantage of social media, your product sampling campaign can become a lot more exciting and shareable, if you make it into more of an “event” than a standard giveaway.

Posting videos online of competitions that you’ve held around the giveaway, or inviting people to share photos of themselves with their new free product can capture the attention of otherwise difficult-to-reach consumers.

After all, people typically share social media posts more often when they include an image. You can even use Facebook Live as a way of broadcasting your giveaway in real-time and encouraging more people within your network to take part.

3.    Highlight Your Other Products

Finally, make sure that your customers know that you have a lot more to offer than just the sample that you’re giving away. For instance, when someone grabs one of your freebies, make sure that they also get a leaflet or brochure that highlights some of your best-selling products, and how they can get their hands on them.

You might even consider improving your chances of conversion a little more by including exclusive coupon codes and discounts to people who grab a freebie so that they’re more likely to spend cash at your physical, or online store.

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