In-home product sampling and the ROI that it brings

By October 20, 2017General

Why is in-home product sampling so beneficial for many businesses? Well, at the heart of product sampling is the belief that, by putting something directly into the hands of a consumer, you’re automatically increasing the chances of achieving a sale.

We know sampling works; that’s not in question. According to the Product Sampling Council, 92% of consumers would buy a new product if they liked it after a receiving a sampling.

And we’re not just talking about one sale here; in fact, you’re likelier to generate brand loyalty and the type of word-of-mouth marketing that creates a buzz around a range of items.

That’s product sampling. But in-home product sampling? That takes things up a notch. Because the issue seems to be that of relevance and opportunity, not whether the wider strategy works.

For years, businesses have had to fight tooth and nail to be heard. From TV commercials to billboards, flyers to magazine ads, companies have spent a fortune just trying to get their message in front of the right people.

But now, thanks to how digital technology has revolutionized the world, customers have never been so accessible. And businesses can send customers product samples and actually get the brand inside of someone’s home… which is a pretty powerful start for a company as far as PR and brand awareness is concerned.

Throw social media, content marketing and analytics into the mix and you have a mixture of strategies that have a stunning potential for delivering marketing ROI.

When people are in their own homes, they’re obviously more relaxed. It sounds a little cynical, but when we’re more relaxed, we’re more receptive to new ideas… and new brands.

When people are at home, it’s easier to get their attention. Rather than battling against all the different factors you’ll come up against outside (from the weather to time constraints), ironically, you’re more in control when your product is inside someone’s house.

In-home sampling is based on the long-held premise that a more comfortable setting is more likely to result in a more meaningful interaction with a product. It’s a tactic that’s not going away, so it time that your brand made its way into your audience’s home?

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