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You can never underestimate the power of product sampling. By physically getting your products into the hands of consumers you can gain brand awareness, win loyal fans, and make sure whatever it is your offering engages and affects your target audience.But there’s more to a product sampling than meets the

PR stunts can sometimes be a bit hit and miss. As a creative, it’s not uncommon to come up with several duff campaigns before that killer idea surfaces.But when they do arrive, they’re always worth all the pain, caused by trial and error. PR stunts obviously create noise, but they

At Hotcow, we talk a lot about marketing and, in particular, experiential marketing. The whole point of experiential marketing is to get people (potential customers) to notice, engage with and grow to a love a brand…… via an experience.Now, experiential marketing is an incredibly powerful strategy, but it still relies

It seems funny. How can you make money by giving away stuff for free? For the risk averse, it’s something that will surely make you feel pretty uncomfortable. And to make matters worse, it can sometimes cost a company a lot of money to offer product samples…… so, it begs

When people check their Twitter accounts, various things demand their attention; notifications, messages, pictures, ads. It can be hard to get your message heard above the noise.Why not see for yourself and send a tweet? Take a look at it, sitting pretty at the top of your feed. Now leave

As times change in the digital world, brands have begun to implement various new solutions to improve the reach and impact of their business. If you want to stay ahead of the competition in today's competitive landscape, then you need to have a strategy for connecting with your audience that not


In today's world, a brand needs to think strategically about how it can interact with their customers. Ultimately, most businesses find that they don't get as much of an opportunity to speak to their consumer-base face to face anymore.Instead, running a company is all about leveraging clicks and conversions online by providing

Tipped to be one of the biggest marketing trends of this year, chatbots are set to completely change the way that consumers and brands interact. Before we take a look at whether or not chatbots are in for the long haul, let’s define what a chatbot actually is…Put simply, a

If you’ve got confidence in your product and you want to reach out to consumers in an instant, then a good sampling campaign goes a long way.In days gone by, it was all about quantity rather than quality, but today companies are using more targeted strategies and defining their key

Making people aware of your product or service is obviously crucial. Without brand awareness, there are no sales, since pretty much every business needs to make some noise. In an ideal world, that means leverage word-of-mouth marketing. But at the very least, brand awareness requires creating a buzz.The trouble is,

Well-known jingles and advertising slogans can take you back to your childhood in an instant – in fact, they’re pretty much etched in our brains. From R Wights lemonade to Aquafresh, they’re hugely memorable for many of us.When a jingle is done right it’s tuneful, catchy, easy to remember (or

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