3 ways for your brand to conquer Twitter

By August 21, 2017General

When people check their Twitter accounts, various things demand their attention; notifications, messages, pictures, ads. It can be hard to get your message heard above the noise.

Why not see for yourself and send a tweet? Take a look at it, sitting pretty at the top of your feed. Now leave it for ten minutes, then go back to look for it.

It took a bit of scrolling to find, right? If it was tough for you to find, and you were looking for it, imagine how somebody who wasn’t looking would end up finding it.

This is a fundamental problem for businesses using Twitter. As tweets run through users’ feeds chronologically, it’s difficult for businesses with effective brand images to promote their content.

But there are a few tricks you can use to boost engagement:

1. Celebrate your advocates 

When people Tweet about you, be sure to like, mention or retweet the message publicly and leverage their audiences.

By celebrating customers and fans in this way, you will encourage advocacy and loyalty. If you don’t reply publicly, people will see you as unsociable, and if you ignore people, it will cost you followers.

Keep your Twitter conversions public – it will help you build a reputation as a savvy Twitter user and get more Twitter followers in the process.

2. Send tweets at weekends

The vast majority of businesses don’t tweet on the weekends.

But where there’s a gap lies a potential opportunity. If there’s less happening on Twitter feeds, your content will last longer.

And even though businesses might not be on Twitter, your customers are. This is where the scheduling aspects of social media tools such as Hootsuite can give you a huge advantage over your competition.

Schedule tweets for around the clock and you’ll catch people whenever they’re online.

3) Use images in your tweets

At only 140 characters a tweet, Twitter is a challenging platform for communicating your message, which is why images, symbols and emoticons are a must.

Images are really impactful – in fact people are three times more likely to engage with a Tweet that contains a video or photo. Using the right picture can be a great way to generate interest in your tweets, while making them easier to read.

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