Using social media to acquire customers

By August 10, 2017General

Every business is always looking to generate sales leads. They tend to go where the people are and currently, everybody seems to be on social media. After all, there are more than two billion active social media users, worldwide.

Marketers have wised up to the enormous potential and as a result, social media has evolved: it’s no longer all about selfies and pictures of your dinner.

It’s a vital sales and marketing tool that offers companies the opportunity to connect with prospects individually, in real-time.

Here are a few of ways that businesses can earn your audience’s trust and start turning social media into sales:

1. Answering questions on social media

An estimated five in six social media messages that need responses are not answered by brands. Make it your goal to respond to every inbound tweet, Facebook post, blog comment, and so on.

While you’re browsing sites for comments to respond to, don’t ignore negative feedback — addressing the complaint is an opportunity to convert an unhappy customer into an impressed brand ambassador.

 2. Monitor for timely leads

Social media monitoring isn’t just for customer service.

You also need to monitor it for buying trends within your industry and product category. Keep an eye out for people asking for recommendations from friends in your product category.

Look out for discussions about your niche and join in – if you can add value to the conversation.

 3. Implement Facebook’s CTA button

Facebook gives brands the ability to select from a group of seven CTA buttons, including; Sign Up, Watch Video, Contact Us, Book Now.

The CTA will appear at the top of your page in the featured image next to the “Like” button. This gives you an easy way to use your Facebook page to generate new inbound leads.

4. Embrace social advertising

You’ve worked hard on your content, so why limit its reach?

Paid ad tools such as promoted tweets, Facebook ads, and LinkedIn Sponsored Updates don’t cost a lot and can increase visibility, and can be a great way to generate new leads.

5. Create an engaging tone of voice.

Sometimes, what you’re saying isn’t as important as the way you’re saying it. Brands like Innocent Drinks have created a massive fan base just by having a particularly fun way of speaking.

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