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Selling on social media is one of the “rising stars” in the sales industry. If you can crack the code of social selling, you’ll be well on your way to improved sales wins and customer retention.But there’s one big hurdle: tracking the ROI of your social selling efforts.This is one


After the London Marathon took place recently, so we thought we thought we’d bring you this little gem of a PR stunt, from American menswear clothing start-up, Ministry of Supply.Half MerrythonPeople talk about going the extra mile, but would you go an extra 13.1 miles to promote your company? That’s

The folks at Microsoft were left red-faced recently after an attempt to engage millennials with artificial intelligence backfired in spectacular fashion – just hours after the launch.The tech company designed the chatbot, which it named "Tay," as an experiment to see how AI programs can get "smarter' after engaging with

Fish is kind of like Marmite – you either love it or hate it. But research carried out by Kantar has revealed that on average, adults in the UK are consuming less than half the recommended amount of fish per week.The government recommendation is two portions a week, but the

PR stunts are the ancient version of the viral video.They’re fun to organise and can generate plenty of attention for your brand, if done well. And best of all, they drive tons of links from authority news sources – which is great for SEO.PR stunts are all about ‘buzz,’ and

Formula One + a PR stunt = excitement.What happens when it's winter, you're Red Bull and you want to keep your F1 team in folks' minds? Apparently it means hitting the slopes – with an F1 car.As we all know, Formula 1 cars are not designed to function in subzero temperatures on