Experiential trends for 2017: Artificial Intelligence

By March 20, 2017General

Will you be able to enjoy bigger and better business results if you leverage the power of artificial intelligence?

It’s always good to stay on top of experiential trends and, according to experts, 2017 will be the year brands truly embrace artificial intelligence.

AI is tipped to be the ‘it’ technology for marketing as a whole, and when it comes to experiential marketing, brands can really let rip with this one.

So what is Artificial Intelligence?

In simple terms, AI is when a machine simulates human intelligence. And it’s more commonplace today than you may realise. In fact, many of us are using AI every day – whether you’re clicking on recommendations from a Google search or utilising Amazon Echo’s voice recognition.

Some traditionalists are wary of AI and the notion that computers may one day take over the world, but if you put this scepticism aside, and focus on its power to entertain, educate and inspire, there’s no doubt that marketing teams all around the world should be embracing AI whole-heartedly.

Artificial Intelligence has definitely been around the marketing/PR world longer than you may think. And it’s all thanks to IBM. In 2011, the software giant put a human face on its Watson artificial-intelligence system when the ‘robot’ came face-to-face with Alex Trebek and a couple of whiz-kid competitors for a game of Jeopardy, and won.

And how about a robotic running companion? Puma’s Beatbot is a prime example of how a brand has embraced AI technology to create a connection with consumers. It’s a self-driving robot that follows the lines of the track and sets the pace next to the runner. No matter what level of runner you are, the aim is to inspire you to push harder by giving you a real ‘thing’ to beat.

This fits nicely with the concept that experiential marketing is no longer solely focused on a particular PR event.

Thanks to social media, and technology like AI, the campaign expands much further, and the relationship with the consumer continues long after the initial campaign has taken place. In terms of the Puma Beatbot, the brand creates a more personal relationship with consumers than ever before and can continue to build on those relationships through the data it acquires. Genius.

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