Experiential marketing in 2017

By January 30, 2017General

Many business owners would agree that becoming a memorable brand is extremely important. As such, experiential marketing is a fantastic strategy for achieving that end goal. However, like many business strategies, experiential marketing is always changing.

With that in mind, what does a solid experiential marketing strategy look like in 2017?

Here are our 5 top tips for a standout year:

Tip 1: Create a new brand message.

Experiential or otherwise, every marketing strategy you execute will carry some sort of message about your business.

Instead of trotting out the same, tired old tagline, why don’t you freshen up your image with a new perspective?

It’s the perfect way to create a new feel for your brand.

Tip 2: Promote your business during your campaign.

Most companies will advertise their brand before and after a marketing campaign, but how many actually do it during the execution of their strategy?

Answer: not many.

However, that’s the perfect time for advertising. Just think back to when you last carried out an experiential marketing campaign – is there a better time to capitalize on all that excitement?

Tip 3: Use your current customers to help advertise your brand.

Word-of-mouth marketing is extremely powerful. You might not like this, but no matter how credible you are, you’re nowhere near as effective as someone who has no reason to lie.

Gather testimonials and use them to create influential content.

Tip 4: Embrace virtual reality.

We think that 2017 will be the year when virtual reality really makes an impact in marketing.

Don’t think that means you have to get streams of people wearing silly glasses and wandering about thinking they’re sunbathing in the Bahamas.

It could be as simple as using VR technology to allow remote access to a live experience that you’re running. Virtual reality might just be about casting the net out wider.

Tip 5: Put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

Sometimes we can all be guilty of focusing too hard on what we want. As a business, that might mean the product we want to create, the message we want to convey and the profits we want to earn.

But perhaps you can enjoy better results in 2017 but concentrating on user experience. What problems or desires is your product or service address in your market?

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