Land Rover, rugby and audience segmentation

By February 23, 2017General

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘don’t try to be all things to all people’. So why do we try to do exactly that in business? Why don’t we do more segmentation?

The fact is, we’re all different. We all have different likes and dislikes. As such, by segmenting your audience, you’re able to speak to people and connect with them on a more emotional, meaningful level.

Take Land Rover, for instance. They’ve decided to relaunch its ‘we deal in real’ campaign, which is touring the country to find the “heroes of grassroots rugby” who embody the values of the British and Irish Lions.

The tagline was first used by the automotive brand during the Rugby World Cup in 2015. Now, the current aim is to find 2 heroes of grassroots rugby who embody rugby’s values of resilience, integrity and passion.

The prize for the 2 winners is a trip to New Zealand for the British and Irish Lions’ tour this summer.

That’s the campaign.

But why rugby?

Well, clearly Land Rover thinks that there’s a synergy between their target audience and the type of product that they’re selling. That is to say, a certain demographic of people like rugby and Land Rovers.

What does that mean?

Well, the exact dynamics of Land Rover’s rugby campaign are by the by. The point is, they’re targeting rugby because they can advertise to a target consumer in a certain way. They can use particular words, imagery and style.

What’s more, this relationship works both ways. Rugby fans are more likely to absorb and engage with Land Rover content because of the affinity that the brand has with their beloved sport.

This is the power of segmentation.

From the success of a previous campaign, Land Rover knew that their relationship with rugby struck a chord with their ideal audience.

So when you’re working on your next marketing strategy, try not to be too general. In fact, be as specific as possible. Many people are scared to drill down and be too niche, but remember this:

Everyone remembers brands that make you feel like you’re talking to them. And you just can’t generate those sorts of feeling when you’re marketing style is too broad.

And don’t forget, there’s no reason why you can’t attack multiple niches. Segmentation works, but it doesn’t have to be done in isolation. Just understand the principles of dividing your audience up.