How has experiential marketing changed?

By September 4, 2017General

Experiential marketing has been around for a while now, but most marketers are now aware of the benefits of using a creative, engaging campaign for a business.

The benefit of experiential marketing is that it is very real and tangible. That’s specially considering the growth of social media, where the emphasis is on how many followers, likes or shares a company can generate.

Different people have different approaches. So, with that in mind, experiential marketing has seen a variety of changes over recent times.

What has changed, though? We’ve come up with the 3 main changes to experiential marketing strategies in the past couple of years.

1. Cost

The cost of executing an experiential marketing campaign has gone down dramatically. To the extent that, sometimes, you can create a highly effective strategy for nothing.

Really, when it comes to creativity, you’re only limited by your imagination. It’s entirely possible to execute a plan that yields a really high ROI for peanuts.

2. Accessibility

In the past, experiential marketing was seen as a type of marketing strategy that was really only accessible by established brands.

Now, anyone can create and implement an experiential marketing strategy with little fuss. The key to execution is planning, though. So long as you’ve planned a campaign out thoroughly, anyone can come up with something memorable.

3. Technology

Whilst you don’t need any particular piece of technology in order to devise an experiential strategy, experiential marketing strategies are a great fit for the modern age.

Basically, thanks to technology, anyone can become a brand advocate at the touch of a button. So when you roll out a campaign that’s interesting and engaging, people can tweet or talk about it easily.

Millennials in particular are used to being able to get things quickly, so experiential marketing is a great fit for them, because these kinds of strategies satisfy their need for speed.

Ultimately, an experiential marketing strategy is a great method for cutting through the clutter and getting your brand heard in what is a noisy world. And given the fact that such an approach is easier, cheaper and more effective than ever, is there anything to lose?

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