How sampling helps with sourcing leads and finding customers

By December 4, 2017General

Product sampling campaigns get people talking. In business, the hardest thing to do is clinch a sale. The act of finding a lead and converting them into a customer is tough. But product sampling achieves both these things.

In terms of brand awareness, product sampling evokes one of the most powerful forms of advertising that there is: word-of-mouth marketing. When you stop and think about it, most of us value the opinions of our friends.

Call it social compliance or whatever, but it’s simply true. We’re more likely to try something new if someone we know has recommended it. So, product sampling facilitates this process. But let’s rewind: what about finding a lead in the first place?

Well, thanks to the flexibility of product sampling, you’re able to source consumers in numerous places. Sampling campaigns can take place in shops, malls, festivals, events and just about any place where there are relevant and engaged people.

Plus, don’t forget that it’s entirely possible to execute a product sampling campaign digitally, too. For companies who don’t have the resources to handle the logistical challenge of organizing an outdoor event, this can be a lifesaver.

And now we come to the aspect of the actual conversion. With e-commerce, it’s all about immediate volume. The pressure is always on to generate and optimize traffic, but with product sampling, things are subtler (yet just as effective).

Free samples demonstrate confidence in a product and, if a product is strong enough, the mere presence of it will generate the excitement you’re looking for. Just think about the alternative.

Companies who aren’t willing to give away free samples of their products will not want to stop people in the street and gather their opinions.

However, brands that know they possess a stunning product aren’t afraid. In fact, it’s the opposite: they see sampling as a huge opportunity to create a long-lasting buzz. It’s a chance for people to see, hear and taste their item without having to read or listen to an advert beforehand.

And lastly, these businesses know that the positive feedback doesn’t end there. It’s likely to spread far and wide. That’s why product sampling campaigns are so powerful.

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