The rapid growth of e-commerce product sampling

By October 16, 2017General

When many marketers think of product sampling, they tend to think of physical samples of products being handed out directly to customers. We’re talking about activity in supermarkets, high street stores and shopping centres.

However, it seems that e-commerce product sampling could be the way forward. E-commerce offers a way of putting a product into the hands of a consumer at less cost that, especially for small businesses on tighter budgets, is very appealing.

What’s more, it seems that the savings don’t negatively impact the effectiveness of the sampling campaign.

As such, e-commerce product sampling is exploding right now, with budgets and strategies expected to rise exponentially year on year.

So, apart from saving money, why does e-commerce product sampling work and why is it proving to be so popular these days?

Well, there are a bunch of reasons.

Firstly, thanks to the simplified technology out there these days, it’s really easy to set up a system that will process orders reliably. You don’t need a degree in IT to get a sampling campaign up and running.

Secondly, there’s something about the sheer accessibility of taking an action online that makes results almost guaranteed. There are plenty of barriers to product sampling in ‘real life’.

People often don’t want to be targeted face-to-face or pressured into trying something that they have no interest in. By contrast, it’s possible to use a variety of clever digital marketing tactics to ensure that your proposal is sitting in front of the right pair of eyes.

E-commerce product sampling is all about relevance. A sampling campaign in a supermarket or shopping centre feels more like a game of numbers – the more people you approach, the more results you get.

But online, it’s easier to tailor your strategy and approach consumers who are incredibly engaged with what you’re selling. And afterwards, it’s easier to gather feedback, encourage testimonials and communicate with leads (via email, post or phone).

It ticks every box. So if you’re desperate to try out a product sampling campaign, why not start with an e-commerce strategy that’ll put you completely in control from minute one? It could be your chance to get the momentum you need.

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