3 Rules for Making your Product Sampling Experience a Success

By October 30, 2017General

Getting your product into the hands of the right people, at the right times, can be the key to making sure that you expand brand awareness in a tangible, and measurable way.

While there are plenty of ways to engage with a changing target market in today’s technologically-advanced environment, there are few things more appealing than the opportunity to try a product before you purchase it.

Of course, simply handing your world-changing products over to your customers might not be enough to cultivate bigger sales and better profits. You also need to ensure that you’re following the rules of sensational product sampling if you want to get the best results.

Rule 1: Timing and Place Matter

You should begin your product sampling campaign by finding a situation where your most relevant customers will naturally begin to congregate. For instance, if you’re giving people samples of a new kitchen appliance, it makes sense to stage your program around retail stores that specialise in cookware.

On the other hand, if you wanted customers to test out your new anti-sweat socks, you might give away samples in front of a gym or sports centre. However, you want to catch them before they go into the gym, not after. Timing and location are key to motivating a purchase.

Rule 2: Get Your Message Right

Ideally, you want your customer to take more away from your sampling campaign than a new freebie. You want them to know that the products and services you’re offering can deliver long-term value and even an answer to some of their existing pain points.

Make sure that you attach a powerful message to your campaign that will continue to resonate within the minds of your target customers after they stop interacting with your brand. For instance, the anti-sweat sock company above might focus on telling their customers that they can make challenging workouts more comfortable.

Rule 3: Don’t Cut Corners on Quality

Finally, while it can be tempting to spend less on producing the products that you’re going to give away for free than the ones that you’re planning to sell on your website, the last thing you want is for your customers to associate a sub-par experience with your company.

Make sure that you keep the quality and integrity of the product the same regardless of whether it’s a freebie, or an expensive consumer purchase. This is key to making sure that you have the right lasting impression on your audience.

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