How to conquer in-store product sampling

By October 23, 2017General

Product sampling is an amazing way of enhancing your brand and growing your sales, because it’s a marketing strategy that cultivates loyalty and excitement. Think about the last time you received something for free – it makes you feel good, right?

And executing a product sampling campaign inside of a store is great, because you’re leveraging the power and reach of the shop in question. So instead of having to worry about footfall in a shopping centre or the logistics of creating a plan to carry out on the high street, you’re able to relax a little.

After all, you know that you’re going to get people in front of you and what’s more, they’ll be an engaged audience. Perhaps the only aspect of in-store product sampling that’s not ideal is the fact that you’re going to have to get the store’s decision makers to agree to hosting your campaign.

Still keen on giving it a go? Then we have some top tips to ensure that you get the most out of your strategy.

Firstly, choose a store with a good location. It might sound obvious, but some shops are poorly located, which might impact your ability to attract a lot of attention.

Create some nice marketing collateral, too. Product sampling is not just about the product you’re giving away. You’ll also want your brand to be visually attractive. Product sampling is just like any other form of marketing – successful campaigns are memorable.

Also, have clear signs and thorough information. Just like you would if you were advertising something online, you need to give people direction, whether that’s via a coupon, store information or whatever.

Remember that appearances are vital. Not only should your product look nice, but so too should the packaging. If possible, strive to make your offers appear interesting too, because you want to get people’s attention.

Don’t forget that, as much as we love freebies, we all lead busy lives. As such, there will be plenty of people who will want to walk right by your stall and it’s your job to wow them, either by an amazing offer, a fantastic product or via an entertaining marketing concept.

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