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You may remember the news some weeks ago that Mark Boyle, a former organic food company boss and now a member of the “freeconomy” movement (which aims to get rid of money altogether in order to foster a return to community based living) decided to walk from Bristol to India

Women are different to men we already know this…and if some of us don’t is there really any hope for the human race? However, there are plenty of people – notably in the advertising industry – that don’t seem to know just how different….and persist in either marketing products to

News the other day that Facebook has seen its first drop in UK users since Nielsen Online first started collating data on the site in July 2006. The fAll – of 5% - equates to a slide from 8.9 million users in December to 8.5 million in January. Whilst this

First up in this week’s overview is the news that Hasbro – makers of Monopoly amongst – have signed a six-year deal with Universal to produce at least four films based on Hasbro brands. The first will be released in either 2010 or 2011 with one film per

Bernard Matthews has announced that it is on the hunt for a creative agency after announcing that it plans a new advertising campaign this autumn. Their last campaign ran in 2007 as an attempt to win back customers following the bird flu crisis earlier that year. Naturally this news has

In our industry we come across all kinds of service providers, and sometimes there are those few that really stand out from the herd. Whilst doing some research for a client we had to look into sand sculptures of the oversized kind. We got in touch with the international ....

There is the perception in the marketing industry (also seeming to affect our client brands) that event sponsorship is only a worthwhile or prestigious marketing tool when the event concerned is high profile. Indeed, “high profile” appears to be the only concern for those seeking to sponsor events. Furthermore, this

Some of you may have noticed a story in the news the other week (well, maybe not, it was only released on Valentine’s Day…when our minds tend to be on other things) about Diageo, the drinks giant, announcing a half year pre-tax profit of £1.37 billion – 5% up on

Every now and again it pays to cast your eye over the news to see what’s on the horizon (or coming up fast) – you never know what you’ll find and how it may prove useful. One thing, however, is certain; you won’t get to the top of your profession

January is a busy time in the office – the last of the Christmas season campaigns have completed and, in all but a very small proportion of cases, all the follow up activity and debriefing has taken place too. 2007 is now truly out of the way…however, there’s also 2008

These days’ marketers are, more often than not, looking further afield than traditional marketing disciplines in order to gain attention for their product’s promotion. One concept that has grown in popularity recently is that of the use of installation art as a central, or stand alone, aspect of a marketing

In order to make any reasonable commentary on marketing to women in the early part of the 21st century it is first essential that the position of women as consumers is stated as definitely as possible. To start with the most startling of stats, according to a report

Hotcow have been asked to contribute a short article to the book about stunt activity. The aim of the book is to help UK charities work with media in a more cohesive way. The book will be packed with articles from creatives, journalists, programme makers and charities including Polly Toynbee

With Xmas approaching and the cold weather hot on our tails, Hotcow worked up the Australia Week plans for implementation at the end of November in co-ordination with the Travelbag team. We created an in-store experience that would grab peoples attention using fabulous iconic window imagery, a typical Aussie road-sign,

As 2007 draws to a close and a new year comes into view the marketing industry turns its thoughts to assessments of the preceding months and predictions for the coming year. And, this year, much of the reflection seems to be on the subject of experiential marketing and its integration

When you study really successful businesses you invariably find the same three characteristics. (1) They have a clear and inspiring sense of purpose and direction which everyone understands and which acts as a reference point for all key decisions. (2) They give people the freedom and authority to

Marketing, for all its seeming innovation and forward-thinking, is for the most part a largely traditional and static science. Accepted theory abounds and new ideas gain acceptance only slowly. Traditional marketers continue to contend that mass media is still relevant to the consumer – particularly during the launch of a new

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