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Whilst trawling cyberspace this week looking for a suitable article to write a response to (yes…we do our research…) we noticed something rather interesting. To be honest, we’re always noticing interesting things – particularly on the internet – but this one related specifically to experiential marketing so we thought we’d

When we heard that Kenco was getting a makeover, we started formulating a "what we would do" plan. Think pop up film set at Nelson's Column, fake paparazzi, viral pass-on via mobile phone, Kenco taster cuppas and lots more. Read how we would make Kenco sparkle and

Part of our job as marketers is to keep a close eye on the current trends and theories as well as the coming technology and innovations in an attempt to predict what the future holds for advertising. Admittedly, this process is often futile as progress can be

First up is the (frankly staggering) news that legendary tinned-meat brand SPAM is set to launch a 21-week marketing drive in an attempt to both educate consumers and banish prejudices as well as introduce their new offering - SPAM fritters. This will be achieved with the use of a

One of the many blogs we read on 'tin-ternet' is 'Online Spin' at mediapost. Joe Marchese wrote an interesting article on influencers in the marketplace and how they impact on a brands acceptance in the marketplace. We'd recommend it as a good read here. Online Spin Article

Foster Grant is the UK’s leading ready-to-wear glasses distributor and they’re just getting ready to reveal their fabulous 2008 collection. So what did we do? Well, since we can’t share with you some of the clients that we’re working on right now (well we could... but then there would

News from an Ogilvy Action release that their global research (taking in 10,000 subjects worldwide) has shown that an association with a charity or good cause is more likely to persuade consumers to buy a brand than links with sport, music, TV, film, gaming and the arts. Respondents across

Several items of interest this week…and first up is the news that Cadbury will be reintroducing the Wispa this year some five years after the product was axed from its brand offerings. The return follows a successful spell as a limited-edition product last year. Of more interest to us

Buzz marketing, viral marketing, word of mouth marketing – all of these are terms for what is, essentially, the same thing; the promotion and advertising of a brand using non-traditional and innovative means. As an advertising and marketing discipline it is now firmly established (and more

The last week has been a busy one for news, so we’ve tried to pick out the stories that have got us talking over here at Hotcow Headquarters. First up is the news that Microsoft have given Yahoo just three more weeks to accept their $44.6 billion buyout offer – this

The talk doing the rounds this weeks all seems to be about the massive power struggle on the other side of the Atlantic – and not the one involving Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. No, all eyes are firmly turned to the attempted buyout of Yahoo by Microsoft. The sums

News is in that is to become the exclusive online stockist of Amie, A Teenager’s Best Friend. This skincare range (for that is what it is) is formulated specifically for teenage skin “using natural formulations and 100% recyclable packaging.” Having noted this we had the usual frank exchange of

It’s been another busy week for most people – us included – and, for those who may have missed things, here’s our take on the more interesting news from the last several days. With each week more and more news comes in of web-based initiatives, link ups and ad campaigns

There’s news the other week that Marks & Spencer are set to start charging for carrier bags in their outlets and we at Hotcow find this rather interesting. It has, as most people know, been on the cards for sometime with trials having been in place at 50 stores (in