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Hotcow have been asked to contribute a short article to the book about stunt activity. The aim of the book is to help UK charities work with media in a more cohesive way. The book will be packed with articles from creatives, journalists, programme makers and charities including Polly Toynbee

With Xmas approaching and the cold weather hot on our tails, Hotcow worked up the Australia Week plans for implementation at the end of November in co-ordination with the Travelbag team. We created an in-store experience that would grab peoples attention using fabulous iconic window imagery, a typical Aussie road-sign,

As 2007 draws to a close and a new year comes into view the marketing industry turns its thoughts to assessments of the preceding months and predictions for the coming year. And, this year, much of the reflection seems to be on the subject of experiential marketing and its integration

When you study really successful businesses you invariably find the same three characteristics. (1) They have a clear and inspiring sense of purpose and direction which everyone understands and which acts as a reference point for all key decisions. (2) They give people the freedom and authority to

Marketing, for all its seeming innovation and forward-thinking, is for the most part a largely traditional and static science. Accepted theory abounds and new ideas gain acceptance only slowly. Traditional marketers continue to contend that mass media is still relevant to the consumer – particularly during the launch of a new

Most people would say that taller than 6'2" for a lap dancer is getting too tall, but recently a 800' tall one has been spotted in the flight path to Gatwick Airport. A little on the tacky side but it does the job perfectly. 1) It's daring (to say the

The Hotcow product performers are enthusiastic, hardworking professionals that are ready and waiting to learn more about your brand and turn that knowledge into an unbelievable experience for your customers. Our in-house training ensures that our staffers have an exceptional understanding of how to ensure maximum participation and consumer uptake

We loved this one. Sitting on the train and reading about floating cars really brightened up our mood today! You can almost imagine the brief: "My kid wants to know if there is a heaven for cars and how they get there." Just picture a person who saw the car and

A campaign to introduce beauty editors to the new Bourjois moisturising line "Docteur Glamour" and generate buzz around town during Fashion Week the beauty company created a beauty ambulance.A vehicle with glass sides served as the setting for pre-arranged appointments with beauty editors outside the office.

Members of the band Korn made news from a cornfield in Times Square. The band members annouced that they will fuel all their tour vehicles with biodiesel and that they would partner with the USO to give free concert tickets to soldiers.Did it work? The photographers were fighting for space

Glamour put up a Glamour tent in Washington Square Park to celebrate the magazines 2007's Glammy Makeup Awards and raise money for "Look Good....Feel Better", a charity that helps woman with cancer. Black taxi's decked in Glammy wrapping drove people to the site where woman could trade in their old

Hotcow is working on the DVD release of the Bee Movie, released early 2008. The Bee Movie set for theatrical release in Dec 2007. It is an animation/comedy with the voices of Jerry Seinfeld, Renee Zellweger, Matthew Brodwick, John Goodman and Chris Rock.The Plot: Barry B Benson (Seinfeld), a bee

Hotcow embarked on a media partner campaign to raise awareness of the film, 1408 starring John Cucask and Samuel L Jackson, and put some genuine fear into our competition winners. We worked with Kerrang Radio, VHI - the Jo Whiley Show and Zoo Magazine...shortly after the winner is announced they will

Hotcow worked on Pinewood's 70th Anniversary Party where 1000 invite only people attended to celebrate their 70th Anniversary. We provided people with family goodie bags filled choca-bloc with Disney Toys, Shrek 3 door hangers and posters, Charlottes web games, Bottlegreen drinks, London Cuppa Tea Bags, Pooing Panda chocolates and

We teamed up (on behalf of Paramount Pictures) with First News, the national newspaper for children, to give-away premiere tickets to the theatrical release of Shrek the Third. As you can imagine we had hundreds of kids who jumped at the chance to walk down the "green" carpet and join the

Hotcow was tasked with increasing awareness and encouraging 18-24 year olds to watch the theatricacl release of Reno 911:Miami. We set out to achieve top media exposure with the likes of MTV, Kerrang Radio - Birmingham, Itchy City and Student 123. In addition, we partnered up with Delta Force, the

Green & Blacks, supplied the James Bond World Premiere with little blocks of their tasty milk chocolate, organised and negotiated by Hotcow. PLUS, We had the pleasure of attending the premiere on 14th November, arriving to a jam packed Leicester Square with thousands of screaming people lining

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