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It may not be something we like to admit, but we live in a world where a demand for immediate satisfaction is the norm. No longer can companies spend generations building a reputation based on quality, customer service and longevity. Nope, in the current climate (and it’s one that’s unlikely

There is a misconception about product marketing (and, indeed, most forms of marketing) that in order to be successful – or effective – it must have vast reach. Enormous numbers of people must see/hear/be in some way aware of the campaign otherwise it is seen as a failure…but, frankly,

We couldn’t help but notice recently (largely because it was the cover story), that Marketing Week has decided to announce the death of buzz marketing off the back of some planned changes to the regulation of the industry. Well, what can we say other than; “that’s an enormous leap to

The IXMA and EMF has recently produced a report on experiential marketing titled 'Experiential Marketing - changing the way you relate to brands'. You can find it here: It provides some incredible insights into experiential marketing and how it is observed by those in marketing as a whole.

Redundancy or Takeover…the last words you want to hear no matter what your position in the company. Whether you’re at boardroom level or in the depths of the mailroom it can only mean one thing – trouble and hard times ahead. This fact cannot be disputed. But

All too often rain has an inordinately effect on your marketing events…black clouds blot out the sunlight, it gets perceptibly colder and, before you know it, fat drops of rain are bombarding your public – who are, in turn, fleeing for cover and that is often just about that for

Calvin Klein have their first ever worldwide opening of CK jewellery at the end of May. To support the launch they will be giving away an amazing car and our "CK couple" will be in central London driving around and sharing the CK experience with passers-by for 3 weeks. If

Hotcow have just finished working on a promotion with Club 18-30 and the theatrical release of Drillbit Taylor. We gave away over 5000 seats for a special preview screening and gave one winner an ultra cool walkie talkie watch set. We also linked up with Kerrang Radio and Zoo magazine

Virgin Trains has created itself a huge headache after sending a test email to its entire database (potentially 21,000,000 people) instead of the three internal staff that were meant to get it. Nike have launched what they call "the worlds biggest one day running event". Metaphorix measures how people really

In Malcolm Gladwell’s seminal work The Tipping Point (which all marketers should read) he describes the three types of people capable of causing a “social epidemic”. Starting with the cautionary note that, “The success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a

Emerging markets are becoming a new place of unknown and untouched territory, in non-traditional marketing terms, for many brands. Discover why brand promotion using experiential marketing is absolutely perfect for emerging markets. Think, uncluttered space, excitable new audience, desire for new experiences and in some cases large

With summer on our doorsteps brands will need to start thinking up new ways to reach their customers and keep people buying and there staff from gazing out the window with desire. We have put our Hotcow thinking cap on and have come up with a few initial

Looking for something a little different to make your event or campaign sparkle then gorgeous Philli Anderson will create the wow factor needed to make your activity a spectacular experience. Philli is a freerunner, dancer, acrobat, aerialist, martial artist and breakdancer. Get in touch with us for more details.

For those that know Hotcow, you will know that we love adventure and new challenges - this weekend our team headed off to Southampton for Powerboating on Saturday and Wakeboarding on Sunday - it was absolutely bliss!. Find out about our adventures and see how you can inspire your own