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Are you planning on doing any marketing at Christmas? We’ve reached November already, which means one thing: the countdown to Christmas has begun. While December 25th may seem like a long way off, it will be here before you know it. Do you have your festive social media strategy nailed down?

What makes for a good brand experience exactly? The Nike tick. The golden arches of McDonalds. The Apple symbol. They’re all recognisable brands whose logos can stand on their own. But these brands are much more than their logos: they each promise a particular feeling and brand experience. McDonalds promises quick, consistent food

Have you ever created a product sampling campaign aimed at students? It’s the end of the summer: the holiday tan has faded, the kids have gone back to school, and thousands of teenagers across the country have left home for the first time to begin their adventures at university. The university

Although social media is now a mainstay of digital marketing, a lot of businesses still think that it’s just about Facebook and Twitter. But there is so much more to it. In fact there are a huge number of social media tools that can help your business in many different ways. Let’s

Have you ever considered product sampling as a marketing campaign? Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or are launching your first business, you might be a little reluctant to give away free samples of your products. After all, there’s no guarantee that it will get you a return on your investment. But

A brand experience is when a current or prospective customer encounters you, your business, or the products and services you offer. These encounters can take place in physical stores, on your website, on a leaflet, or via social media. What makes a brand experience bad? Bad brand experiences can be caused by

Social media. Most businesses do it. But do they do it right? It’s that time of year again. Your company is gearing up for the annual conference. You’re frantically trying to secure sponsors, line up guest speakers and plan networking events. There’s a lot to think about. But while you’re

Want to hear about a new brand experience? You may not have heard of it, but Millennium Mills is one of the last untouched ruins in London. A derelict flour mill on the south side of the Royal Victoria Dock alongside the newly built Britannia village, the Mills are currently undergoing a major renovation. Why are we

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