3 lesser-used online guerrilla marketing tactics

By October 19, 2015General

Are you using guerrilla marketing tactics? As marketers, you want to deliver your content to the highest percentage of your target audience as possible. They’re out there, scattered across the World Wide Web, and you no doubt dedicate a lot of time and resources trying to reach them all.

There are many ways to do this of course, but some are more effective than others. We are of course talking about guerrilla marketing.

Guerrilla marketing is mostly thought of as an “offline” concept, but we’ve come up with some ways that you can do some online guerrilla marketing. If you want to increase your online exposure cheaply, quickly and efficiently, here are a few very simple ideas worth trying out.


Cross-promotion is ‘the cooperative marketing by two or more companies of one another’s products.’ It can take many forms but one of the most cited examples is credit card companies that partner with airlines to offer frequent-flyer deals. Both parties benefit: For example, American Express customers are encouraged to fly Delta through their SkyMile Program, while faithful Delta customers are encouraged to use American Express.

The benefit of cross-promotion is that it provides you with the opportunity to put your brand and messaging in front of another business’s audience – therefore extending your reach.

The Wikipedia secret

For anyone who has ever Googled anything, it will come as no surprise that Wikipedia ranks extremely high in search. If you have a question, Wikipedia can most probably answer it – and it is generally the first search result to appear on a page. This makes it a valuable guerrilla marketing strategy.

It’s a low cost, wide reach guerrilla strategy for brands, and it’s clear why brands would want to take advantage of its extensive online community.

You can try and find your “in” to other online audiences, by polishing up your own brand’s Wikipedia page, or making edits to Wiki pages that relate to your business.


Reddit attracts a seriously diverse community, with “subreddits” created for topics. While this seemingly gives marketers the opportunity to easily find and market to their target audience, it’s not that easy. For one, take a look at the “rediquette” the site stands to uphold. Reddit has certain standards because they recognize that their readers can be unruly and controversial. However, this type of audience is the exact type of audience that has the power to make content go viral.

Therefore, you need to go “undercover” with reddit and make sure you’re following the rules to blend in.

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