How to enjoy shopper marketing success

By October 15, 2015General

Shopper marketing offers lucrative rewards. Brits spend an average of two and a half hours a week in the supermarket doing the big weekly shop. For marketers, that’s two and a half hours a week of brand exposure and potential conversions, if you are savvy with your shopper marketing.

Savvy shopper marketing

In order to get your brand noticed and win a larger share of shopper’s baskets, you need to understand the behaviour of your target market. In other words, you need to understand their shopping mission: why they will come into your store, what they likely to buy and what incentives are likely to entice them.

Shopper Behaviour

Shoppers generally make their selection as to which retailer to visit based on their shopping mission. So the better able you are to meet shopper’s needs on different shopper missions, the greater chance you’ll have of attracting footfall.

For example, some shoppers have a specific list of items to buy and stick religiously to their trusted brand items. For these shoppers, your promotional offers will be more effective on well trusted brands. Other people shop on impulse and may be enticed to buy something new if represents good value and they feel they need it.

If you understand shopper’s needs, you can persuade them to put more in their basket.

Shoppers also behave differently on different missions, so the way you engage them needs to differ too. Foremost in their mind is how well a stores’ range will fulfil their needs. However, shoppers will make trade-off’s depending on the mission they are on. For example, if they are doing a ‘bulk grocery shop’ they may be prepared to trade convenience for better prices. Or price may be less of a consideration to shoppers who are buying for a ‘special occasion’. In these instances, freshness and quality may important, and therefore, worth paying more for. 


When shoppers navigate their way through stores they have ‘relevance filters’ on which means they are more likely to notice certain activations because they are relevant to their needs at that moment.

If you want to see results from shopper marketing, you need to have the right solutions for your customer’s shopping missions.

It’s also important to think about where you place your promotions in store. You may want them at the front of store so customers notice them as they walk in, but if you’re running a BOGOF on toothbrushes for example, it makes sense to display them next to the toothpaste or mouthwash, as it may entice shoppers’ to buy related products that weren’t a priority when they came into the store.
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