What is a brand experience?

By September 1, 2015General

A brand experience is when a current or prospective customer encounters you, your business, or the products and services you offer. These encounters can take place in physical stores, on your website, on a leaflet, or via social media.

What makes a brand experience bad?

Bad brand experiences can be caused by many things; from long queues in store, to a complicated online check-out process, to unhelpful staff.

Sometimes a bad brand experience can be much more subtle, such as when a company tries out a new ad campaign and the message is unclear or confusing. Or leaving a customer complaint unanswered on social media. This is a big no-no, as it demonstrates a lack of customer service and commitment to potential customers.

How can you create a good brand experience for your customers?

You want your current and prospective customers to believe that your product/service offers direct benefits to them, and that on those rare occasions when something goes wrong, you’ll go out of your way to resolve the issue quickly.

Follow these tips to ensure that your current and prospective customers always have a good brand experience:

Be genuine: Ensure that you “under-promise and over-deliver” when you interact with your clients through your marketing campaigns. This way, you will ensure that you exceed your client’s expectations, rather than fail to live up to them.

Talk to your customers: How can you know if your brand’s products and services are truly unique and offer a true benefit to your customers unless you talk to them? Look for ways to increase your interaction with clients at all points of contact with your brand and get feedback.

Thank your customers. Your customers are choosing to do business with you rather than your competitor, so don’t forget to thank them. If your customers feel unappreciated, they may decide to shop elsewhere.

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