Kellogg’s pulls off tasty PR stunt on London Underground

By September 4, 2015General

When there’s a good PR stunt in London, it usually hits the headlines. Many people believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but few would go as far as this woman (pictured right), who took the concept of ‘eating breakfast on the go’ a little too literally.

The hungry commuter broke one of the unwritten rules of the underground by brazenly eating on the tube in the most spectacular possible fashion.

The woman bagged herself a seat and placed a large suitcase on her lap. She opened it to reveal all the equipment and ingredients needed for a tasty Kelloggs breakfast.

Commuters took sly photos and stared in astonishment as she prepared and then tucked into her breakfast. Once finished, she packed up her briefcase and promptly left the carriage at the next stop.

Unsurprisingly, the woman’s actions attracted a lot of attention from fellow travellers, and the stunt went viral overnight. Needless to say, Kelloggs were delighted.

PR Stunt

Before anyone gets too excited about this Underground dining revolution and rushes out to buy one of these incredible devices, it’s worth saying that they don’t exist…at least not yet.

The cereal-scoffing commuter was an actress, and the unusual al fresco meal was a quirky PR stunt staged by Kellogg’s, to promote their new range of Special K cereal.

Commuters’ reactions to the PR stunt were captured on hidden cameras and a compilation of clips was viewed more than 50,000 times in the first few days.

The Briefcase

The bespoke ‘Special Kase’, which took four weeks to create, contained a miniature fridge, to store milk, hidden compartments to store bowls and cutlery and a small area to hold the cereal. The elaborate suitcase also came with space for an espresso maker, a juice extractor and a thermos flask, to keep a cup of tea or coffee hot.
The tongue-in-cheek PR stunt took place on the Northern, Central, Circle and District lines during the morning rush-hour, over the course of a working week. And it had the desired effect: Bemused passengers shared photos on Twitter and recounted their memorable journey to work on Facebook. The national press picked up on the story and the video went viral.

The light-hearted PR stunt was designed to show that even for people with busy lifestyles; there is always time for a bowl of Special K.

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