Celebrating Creativity – New Years Special

Mini Inflatable Car 2011 has thrilled and excited us with some incredible examples of experiential delight. The year has brought new technologies, from 4D projection mapping to QR codes and RDIF technology, and an even higher penetration of social media, coupled with more platforms for communication than ever before. All of these elements have made for an incredibly innovative year for experiential marketing, and we can’t wait to be a part of the new experiential delights that 2012 will no doubt introduce.

We would like to close this years Celebrating Creativity blog with a summary of our top 5 creative inspirations of the year. It was a close call with so many great experiential activations to chose from, but we have come to a decision… Drum roll, please!

1) Celebrating Creativity # 16- Tropicana:

First, Tropicana lit up a remote Canadian Arctic town with a giant sun, with a brilliant emotional campaign bringing sunshine to a town that is usually plunged into 24 hour darkness during the winter months. Then, as if that wasn’t as experientially fabulous enough, the brand then went onto power a billboard, with electricity generated from 2500 oranges in Paris. Whatever next, Tropicana?!

2) Celebrating Creativity # 30- Hyundai:

2011 has been the year of great projection mapping events, with brands ranging from Ralph Lauren to LG dabbling in this new technology, however despite some serious contenders, the Hyundai campaign still rocks Hotcow’s socks! Integration with a real car and human driver added an extra element of buzz and excitement to this giant video projection, delighting actual and online viewers across the world.

3) Celebrating Creativity #33 – Nissan:

This cheeky campaign is a great example of a cost effective ambush marketing, which plays quite well with people’s emotions. Nissan went around car parks in Dubai and parked in their new Nissan Patrol SUV blocking the way and forcing people to unknowingly take a test drive of their new car. The result was surprisingly well.

4) Celebrating Creativity # 35- Budweiser:

Experiential marketing is all about creating unusual, innovative campaigns with a large dose of out-of-the-box thinking, which is exactly what went into this Budweiser event. Budweiser integrated typically masculine activities into this innovative experiential campaign, with a giant pool-come-football table traveling around Buenos Aires bars! Of course, the game wouldn’t be complete without beers, which is why a Budweiser fridge was a main feature!

5) Celebrating Creativity # 60- Mini Cooper:

One of the best promotional items we’ve seen this year. Access Agency has created inflatables shaped as Mini Cooper convertibles, which make the perfect beach and pool accessory. After many requests from all over the world, they are negotiating with the car brand to launch these lovely Mini inflatables by Summer 2012.

Mini Inflatables

From everyone at Hotcow, we would like to wish you a very happy new year, and we look forward to sharing even more exciting content with you in 2012.

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