Celebrating Creativity #37 – Tropicana

Tropicana green billboard We had a big hit on our blog recently with a magnificent experiential marketing campaign by Tropicana in Canada where they installed an artificial sun to provide a brighter morning to the small town of Inuvik, which lives without sunrise for several weeks during the winter.

They have been at it again… this time in France with an innovative natural billboard powered entirely by oranges. The concept is not unique but is a good example of ambient green campaign.

The installation uses 2,500 oranges as batteries to power a neon sign that reads “Natural Energy” along with the Tropicana logo. The hard work can be seen by the making-of video which reinforces the concept that Tropicana juices are a natural source of energy.

We could see that the three months of experiments was all worth it and resulted on a original and harmless clean green billboard. A great way to get attention and explore the brand message!

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