Celebrating Creativity #16 – Tropicana

Tropicana Brighter Mornings Giving people great experiences is all about adding value to their lives. Tropicana’s ‘Brighter Mornings’ campaign in Canada is a truly brilliant example of this.

One of Canada’s northernmost towns, Inuvik, lives without sunrise for several weeks of every winter. Tropicana moved in for a month to provide residents of the town with a ‘Brighter Morning’ every day by installing a giant artificial sun that emitted 100,000 lumens of light!

Lights were fixed to a 36 foot-wide helium balloon which rose up to illuminate the town every morning, giving locals something they had never seen before – a sunrise in winter. Now that is memorable!

Tropicana truly immersed itself in the community by giving out free cartons of orange juice to every household in the town, as well as made financial contributions to a school, a daycare centre and the Inuvik Food Bank.

The added bonus of this activity is that like a lot of brand experiences, it created fantastic, original content which they used to make a TV spot, amplifying the activity and telling a mass audience about the value they added to this community.

A remarkable experiential marketing campaign that really added value to people’s lives while remaining truly consistent with the brand message.

The TV spot is below and is nothing short of beautiful.

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