Celebrating Creativity #33 – Nissan

Nissan Patrol Ambush Experiential marketing always involves thinking outside the box and this ambush by Arabian Automobiles is no exception!

For sheer cheek you can’t beat this effort where they forced people to unknowingly take a text drive of the new Nissan Patrol SUV.

They went round car parks in Dubai “parking in” other SUV’s leaving a note on the windscreen explaining they had to run, but feel free to move the car!

We love how this plays with people’s emotions – it starts with mild annoyance, moves to confusion and ultimately ends up in being won over by the car and brand. People know they have been “had” but with an astonishing 78% of people signing up for a proper test drive, it seemed to go down well!

This is a great video of people’s experiences with the stunt and really portrays Nissan as a fun, engaging brand.

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