In the world of experiential marketing, there are many different type of branded experience. From nationwide road shows to sampling activities, PR stunts to  guerrilla marketing – the one constant is people.

Great promo staff should first and foremost be great with the public. It is a people business and as such, staff should be able to attract consumers to take part and deliver key communications with effortless professionalism.

As with any industry – some perform better than others. The very best promo staff will make a fundamental difference to the success of your campaign.

But is this down to just natural ability or attitude?

Brand experiences can often be complicated to put together. Piecing together the various aspects of production, logistics, measurement and management often takes the lion’s share of attention.

Staffing on the other hand can be easily overlooked if not careful.

In any industry, great emphasis is placed on getting the right people working for an organization. Busy HR departments and recruitment agencies work tirelessly to locate the optimum suite of talent.

Multiple rounds of interviews are held to find the best of the bunch. That person will likely undergo an intensive period of training to ensure they understand both the demands of the role and the purpose of the organization.

When it comes to brand experiences however, the activity could be just a single day.

A lot is at stake, with large expenditure and superhuman efforts to ensure the day runs as planned and demonstrate a return of investment.

As such, staff tend to be seen as a ‘bolt on’ to the event itself. Facilitators rather than an integral cog in the experiential wheel.

When you think about it properly – these staff are what makes your brand experience successful. Without staff, you do not have an experience.

Making sure that staff are well trained and well equipped is an incredibly important part of ensuring that your brand experience is a resounding success.

When staff are fully trained, they understand your brand more. They know about your products or services.

When promotional staff have this knowledge, they can field questions from the general public with greater ease. They can communicate with greater clarity and represent you with accomplished professionalism.

Most of all – they feel more confident.

Staff who go out there without any training are at a disadvantage. If your promotional staff are at a disadvantage, guess what.

So are you.

So make sure that your experiential marketing strategy isn’t marginalizing the most important aspect of the experience – the contact.

Invest in your staff, invest in your training and make sure your event has the kind of impact you need.


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