The Power of PR Stunts

By February 13, 2013


The idea of a PR stunt is to deliver a key message to the public in a very surprising stand out way.  Some people call this newsjacking.

Usually the PR stunt is part of a bigger PR campaign that has insights or relevant news highlighted associated with it.

Today, PR stunts don’t have to be just news generated, they can be aimed at generating buzz and excitement around your brand. Great online talkability and sharing can spread your message quickly and achieve brand exposure far beyond your campaign’s original platform.

PR stunts need to be clever, brand relevant and most importantly unique to grab the attention of savvy journalists and consumers.

Great PR stunts take dedication, bravery and collaboration to succeed.

Our Value

Hotcow is expert in creating carefully crafted marketing stunts that can rapidly generate news, great online buzz and sharing.

  • We create surprisingly different ideas that grab peoples attention
  • We know what works and what doesn’t thanks to our years of experience
  • We know the right team members to put into place to ensure each facet from the ideas, production, media attraction and people conversation are taken care of
  • Our promotional teams have earned there stars for making campaigns run like clockwork
  • Our management team just don’t stop until we have succeeded at delivering a brilliant campaign

Check out some of examples of PR Stunts that we delivered and get in touch with the Hotcow team today!