Promotional Staffing

By February 13, 2013


Great brand experiences rely on great staffing to engage people and communicate key messages.

Great promotional staff has the ability to change people’s opinion of a brand, create brand advocates and drive sales.

At Hotcow we understand that people have different personalities and skill sets – that’s why we have created ‘the Herd Dynamics’ tool which profiles staff into 6 core personality traits. It is this real understanding of people that keeps our staff happy and gets brilliant results on campaigns for our clients.

Our Value

We handpick, train and educate our staff in Hotcow processes and the latest consumer engagement methodologies to ensure high engagement.

Within ‘the Herd’ we have the ‘A team’. This is a select group of individuals who have worked with Hotcow for years and form part of our central team. It is with this team that we can ensure quality delivery.

‘The Herd’ has thousands of registered staff nationwide including;

  • Actors/Performers that attract and engage customers
  • Demonstrators who are great conversationalists who can educate and convert consumers
  • Brand ambassadors who can sample and do it with a smile
  • Dealmakers who are natural sales people
  • Plus a whole host of support staff and people with special skills

Brands choose ‘the Herd’ because of our reputation for excellence and delivering on what we say.

Looking for a partner to manage your staffing programmes? Call the Herd @ Hotcow now on 0207 5030442.