Why the right staff are an invaluable asset to drive consumer engagement

Hotcow staff for LG experiential campaign Great customer service creates the ultimate brand experience. In a dynamic environment, choosing the right staff to represent your brand can make a great difference to your experiential campaign. Brand ambassadors are invaluable to ensuring an effective brand strategy is achieved, as they witness consumers’ reaction to your brand and understand your consumer’s buying behaviour.

Promotional staff are the backbone of your face-to-face campaign. No matter how much attention to detail is given to the creative, logistical and planning elements of your experiential campaigns, it is the staff that ultimately give consumers a reason to STOP, TALK and LISTEN.  If your staff are confident when talking about your brand, you will be guaranteed better results. However, to achieve a successful campaign execution, recruiting, training and managing brand ambassadors is paramount. They are at the front line of your campaign and must know how, when and why to communicate in any given environment.

Hotcow’s staffing philosophy


At Hotcow we strongly believe that if you want to create a buzz and get people talking and engaging with your brand, you cannot expect brand ambassadors to fit within a one size fits all mould. People work best to their natural abilities and core skills set. Our own experience and research into how people act/react in different environments has led us to develop and invest in bespoke methodologies to get better results for our clients. Therefore, to overcome the common staffing agency misconception of promo staff members having the ability to seamlessly adapt to all roles, we have developed a Staff Dynamic Mapping, based on six personality types.

Whilst people are rushing through their daily commute, promotional staff will be working hard to attract their attention through emotional aspects of engagement, which will entice consumers to experience your brand and to subsequently start conversations about your promotional activity. Attractors work best in capturing consumers’ attention and persuading them to experience your brand, while Keepers are great talkers and the ones who will entertain and inform consumers about your product or service.

Each of these positions require a different skill set and each personality profile touches the people at a different point of the consumer decision journey and on different engagement levels. It is also extremely important to have specialist staff within the group. The Gurus will be able to engage your audience with an extensive amount of knowledge about your brand and Deal Makers will always be great at influencing purchasing decisions, by showing people why they should buy your brand.

The main challenge of an experiential campaign is to select the right staff that will be able to maximise the engagement opportunities and deliver the ultimate brand experience. Hotcow’s staffing matrix covers a wide range of Event Managers, Team Leaders, Promotional Models, Actors, Demonstrators, Sales People and people with special talents such as Stunt performances, and Entertainers, which will help you to develop personal relationships with your target audience and ultimately change the way consumers see your brand.

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Hotcow is a multi-award winning brand engagement agency specialising in experiential marketing. Our mission is simple: to help brands understand the power of “experience-based marketing” and offer expertise in how to develop, plan and execute campaigns in the right way to get the right results, while showing that every pound spent is measurable.

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