Product Sampling Campaigns

By February 12, 2013


Hotcow implement local and nationwide product sampling roadshows that get brands/products directly into people’s hands. We are skilled at delivering mass samples across multiple locations simultaneously.

Over 15 million samples have been put into peoples hands for brands such as Coca Cola, Body Shop, Nando’s, Activia, Fox’s Biscuits, Bottlegreen Drinks, Ginsters, Katjes, Honey Monster Foods and more.

Our skill is in developing clever creative concepts that emotionally engage shoppers and drive them into action.

1. We pre-promote our roadshows to ensure people seek us brands as part of their shopper journey.
2. We collect shopper data and start building a relationship with shoppers that emotionally connect them to your product/brand and inspire them to tell other people.
3. We ensure you reach the right customer segment by using customer profile mapping tools. This also gets crossed referenced against our extensive in-house database to ensure accurate profiling.

Shopper research confirms the importance of product sampling in encouraging consumers to switch brands or try something new. Hotcow/Evolutions Insights research study 2011 “Building Brilliant Sampling Campaigns” reports that 87% of shoppers are more likely to purchase a product from a product sample. For a leading yoghurt brand, we were able to demonstrate that sampling also gives 5 times longer impact then any other media!

Our Value

Most brands waste valuable marketing dollars because they don’t know how to engage audiences with the right communication assets and rewards or where to target the right audiences. This is where our extensive knowledge is invaluable to success.

Brands choose Hotcow because they know our knowledge and insight will get them the best results possible and our reputation gives them assurance of a great job. And with our in-house promotional staff and operations team you can be sure we are fully in control of your delivery.

We activate at a range of locations including; supermarkets, shopping centres, on-the-move, events, train stations and offices.

If you are interested in getting 50% better value from your next sampling campaign, get in touch on 0207 503 0442 or

Alternatively, request our Product Sampling Media Pack, “Turning sampling into customers”.