How We Work – Assessment

By April 14, 2008

We are aware that our ability to assess and report on the effectiveness of a Hotcow campaign is just as vital as its creation, development and execution.

Before we undertake any project on your behalf, we will conduct an in-depth review of all the information that you have given us, to ensure that we deliver a great result that exceeds your expectations.

As part of our discussions, we will ensure that we understand your definition of a successful campaign. Creating something imaginative and original, and delivering it on time and within budget is essential, but without confidence that a lasting result has been delivered you, as a client, will never be entirely satisfied.

Once the activity is completed, or at important milestones for longer campaigns, we will provide you with a report on the results of our work. This report will include information on how successful the campaign has been and exactly why we believe this – none of our presentations to you will be shrouded in jargon. We believe in plain speaking. You will always receive photos and we also put together a video clip of the activity.

We are also able to provide additional assessment tools and analysis, including focus groups, field surveys, data analysis and independent ‘mystery shoppers’ who will provide detailed feedback on their event experience.

Clients come to Hotcow for many reasons; our creativity, our ability to deliver, our passion for our work. Clients stay with Hotcow because they see exceptional results.

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