Celebrating Creativity #56 – Heineken

Heineken Augmented Reality in Taiwan We have been seeing more and more brands extending their advertising campaigns with experiential activities to amplify the message and to give people a chance to interact with the brand at another level.

At Hotcow we are constantly talking about giving people remarkable experiences with great added value and entertainment. When Lynx launched their “Fallen Angel” campaign featuring an ambushed augmented reality experience for commuters in London’s Victoria Station, it was certainly a big hit that got great reactions across to the public.

This experiential activity by Heineken in Taiwan is pretty much reminiscent of the Lynx event at Victoria Station, though still is a good example of brand engagement and interaction.

The beer brand installed an interactive digital billboard with instructions on the ground inviting passers-by to position themselves at the right spot and start the experience. They soon became the new characters of the TV commercial “Heineken – The Entrance” and had the chance of interacting with the other characters.

The augmented reality feature is very cool and gets some amazing response from the public. Check out the video below!

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