Celebrating Creativity #27 – Lynx

Lynx's augmented reality campaign As part of their ‘Fallen Angel’ campaign to launch their new fragrance ‘Excite’ Lynx created an augmented reality experience for commuters at Victoria Station.

They simply put a branded sign on the floor that said “look up”. When people did, they saw themselves on the stations big screen at which point an augmented reality angel came crashing down from the heavens.

There were some fantastic reactions to the experience in the video below as well as some typically male antics!

On another note, it is interesting to see how natural people’s reactions were to the event. After discussing at length how brands can use content well to amplify an experience (and how they can get it wrong) it is nice to see some content that is not made for TV, but that gets great reactions to a great experience across to the viewer.

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