Research reveals that experiential sampling is an effective way of marketing products

Bottle Green Sampling Campaign A recent piece of research by BDRC Continental featured on Marketing Week’s website last week recognises field marketing as the most successful way to appease customers. Better still, the study identifies a combination of sampling with elements of experiential as the most effective method of marketing.

According to research findings, experiential activities with free sample create a 90% increase in brand awareness, coupled with a 91% increased likelihood to purchase. Sampling is also proven to greatly impact word of mouth promotion, with each person directly participating in the campaign spreading the message to 4 other people.

At Hotcow, we are experienced in creating the very best sampling strategies and logistics. Through our own research with members of the FMCG community, we have compiled some great insights from brand leaders, who described sampling as ‘a key factor‘ that ‘directly drives uptake from the stores’, ‘provides an avenue to get good consumer feedback’ and ‘critical to establish an emotional link with brand’.

A further idea that we strongly support is the integration of experiential with the rest of the marketing mix. As Marketing Week’s article highlights, “marketers are beginning to realise the impact an experiential campaign can have”. Indeed, experiential marketing has a great impact brand’s perception. In our recent blog article ‘Experiential Marketing Influences Buyer Consideration’, we discuss how product experiences can enhance consumer’s buying decision. Experiential marketing is proven to be the best way to create two-way interactions and emotional connectivity, allowing consumers to experience the brand, build trust, drive purchase and recommend to friends.

We are excited that Marketing Week has picked up on the concept of integration, as we have long pondered why more brands have not adopted this marketing strategy sooner. While brands realise that consumers want more added value, the ability to integrate experiential campaigns with the rest of the mix should be left to experiential specialists. We have the expert awareness, experience and skills to execute your experiential marketing strategy from the outset and maximise your ROI.

For further information on how can you make your sampling activity more effective, check out out blog article ‘Can sampling help you gain new customers?’ or speak to Hotcow.

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