Is Augmented Reality Advertising the next big thing for Brand Engagement?

Cadbuty Augmented Reality ExperienceNew emerging technologies have been playing at the forefront in delivering exceptional experiences for consumers to engage with brands. Augmented reality and image recognition are the latest trends that brands have been experimenting with for all manners of new methods of engagement by using the power of digital and social media to establish deeper relationships with consumers.

After seeing great examples of brands using augmented reality experiences as the live brand experiences carried out by Lynx and Heineken, a smartphone app called Blippar is offering a new platform of interaction aimed at enhancing the brand experience within the digital world. The new app can recognise branded content and trigger an augmented reality experience with the swipe of your smartphone. Sounds cool? Click here to view a live demonstration of how the app works on augmented reality advertising.

To promote the augmented reality app, Blippar has partnered with Cadbury by launching a virtual game, which consists on smacking ducks that appear to emerge from the chocolate bars. The game itself lasts 30 seconds and the player can submit their score and share on social networks. Check out the video below. What do you think? Is augmented reality advertising the next big trend for brand engagement in the mobile world? We would love to hear your thoughts! Tweet us @Hotcow!


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