Consumers can spot a lie a mile away

Smart Consumer As people incorporate new technologies into their daily lives and information becomes more readily available and accessible, brands need to understand how to respond accordingly in order to capture value and increase loyalty.

Today’s consumers are becoming ‘snobs’. They not only expect a good service, but also a high quality shopping experience. Armed with product reviews and price comparison, smart consumers know exactly what they want and use this information in their advantage to make smarter decisions. Understanding your consumers and their behaviour is a step forward towards relevance.

Hotcow’s research into shopper behaviour around trial and purchase has highlighted that consumers are more likely to try new products if it looks like something new. Likewise, a recent Trendwatching analysis identified that consumers want to be the ones in the know and demand better, faster and novel products and services. Named as Newism, this new trend acknowledges that consumers are craving for ‘unique’ experiences and use the online world to increase their social status.

This current scenario presents both a challenge and an opportunity for brands as they battle for customer engagement and loyalty. To win over these empowered consumers, brands must find creative ways to keep them engaged and convert their efforts into sales.

Delivering value and building relationships


Because smart consumers engage with a variety of channels before making their decision, it is not enough for a brand to be great in one area. You can have an amazing product and out of store experience but if you don’t have a great in-store customer service you may risk of losing your consumers. This could also be the case for your online efforts. In order to cater to the needs of consumers who are looking for a more added value, you need to unify your channels into a combined multi-channel strategy.

From the experiential standpoint, live marketing is a great asset to engage with consumers who are looking for new experiences. When consumers interact with your brand through a real brand experience, they feel they are getting more value from your brand, and thus it increases your opportunity to be considered for purchase.

Ultimately, the key to increase consumers loyalty towards your brand is to offer them a transparent approach combined with new and varied experiences that stand out, and then talk about your brand positively. Offering your consumers an innovative care will enhance the customer experience and, therefore, increase their likelihood to purchase and return. In the end, you are feeding their desire for original, superior products and services, offering exclusive experiences that are worth talking about.


Hotcow have the experience to seamlessly integrate the most appropriate experiential tactics, from guerrilla marketing to PR stunts and product sampling, making your promotion stand out from the crowd and speak for itself.

Hotcow is a multi-award winning Experiential Marketing agency. We get brands in front of consumers in ways that persuade them to buy. We fully implement our ideas; nothing needs to be farmed out. For more information or free consultation, contact us.

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