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November 20, 2007

Experiential Marketing Offers campaigns a New Dimension

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Experiential Marketing

Marketing, for all its seeming innovation and forward-thinking, is for the most part a largely traditional and static science. Accepted theory abounds and new ideas gain acceptance only slowly.

Traditional marketers continue to contend that mass media is still relevant to the consumer – particularly during the launch of a new brand.

This is something Hotcow and its director Sally Durcan intend to change. In her opinion a brand doesn’t need mass marketing alone in order to establish itself and continue to grow. Indeed, an experiential approach in tandem with a more traditional campaign will be more effective than either on its own.

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Huge Lap dancer spotted

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Huge Lap dancer spotted

Most people would say that taller than 6'2" for a lap dancer is getting too tall, but recently a 800' tall one has been spotted in the flight path to Gatwick Airport. A little on the tacky side but it does the job perfectly. 1) It's daring (to say the least!), 2) It's very noticeable and grabs lots of attention 3) It got a ton of PR because of its originality 4) It got even more press because it annoyed a few people! Perfect.

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