Huge Lap dancer spotted

Huge Lap dancer spotted

Most people would say that taller than 6’2″ for a lap dancer is getting too tall, but recently a 800′ tall one has been spotted in the flight path to Gatwick Airport. A little on the tacky side but it does the job perfectly. 1) It’s daring (to say the least!), 2) It’s very noticeable and grabs lots of attention 3) It got a ton of PR because of its originality 4) It got even more press because it annoyed a few people! Perfect.

And so our hats are tipped towards the eminent agency flightpathmedia for a sterling job well done.

This quote on the job from the website:

There is a new advert under the Gatwick flightpath – a 100,000 square feet lap dancer! The advert was completed on June 1 and was commissioned for, a new online lap dancing site.

The advert can clearly be seen by passengers flights on the incoming flightpath at Gatwick. It took Flightpathmedia 3 days to build with 8 people to build and will be seen by up to 2 million passengers coming into land at the airport this month. It was completed on 1st June and will stay in place for a month.

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