Why I have a marmite relationship with the word experiential marketing?

IMAGE-DESCRIPTION This word is overused and undervalued. Most people can’t even pronounce the word correctly, let alone know what it really means. It is a word that has so many different meanings that it has started to reduce the real value of behind the live marketing discipline. Why? Well, most brands want to create a great customer experience or a great online experience, and this is all wrapped up into that autonomous word ‘experiential’.

Why are we really using this word, when what we do is live marketing? We are in the industry of real people speaking to real people. We have conversations that create content. Do we really think that it adds any more value to our offering, or does it make our offering sound more important? Never-less, everyone is in the experiential industry. But, not everyone is in the live marketing industry.

Lets leave the bull at the gate and make things more simplistic. I would love to hear your support or your opinion.

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