The Shopper Mind-States Research seen by Marketing Week suggests that shopper’s expectations need to be catered for by retailers according to three different mindsets: dream, exploring and locating. The study, commissioned by design consultancy Fitch, pinpointed that 85% of shoppers actively look for ideas and inspiration, 82% are open to suggestions, and 79% expect to easily locate a specific brand or product they intend to buy. Brands not only must stay relevant over time, but make sure the retail environment fulfil these expectations.

As highlighted in Marketing Week’s article ‘Keeping the dream alive’, 19% of British consumers view shopping as more of a chore, compared to 9% in other territories. With the myriad of options available, consumers have little or no tolerance for anything that delays their purchase, either online or in-store.

Marketers have always been trying to keep up with the changes in consumer behaviour, and adjust how they go to market their products. How consumers perceive value has changed over time. Getting consumers to notice your brand is hard enough. Thus, with smart technologies influencing how consumers perceive brands and the shopping experience, this is the time for smarter decisions. Going beyond the expected, will build the excitement you need to influence purchases.
For today’s savvy shoppers, creating value is not only about the quality of product or service. Building trust with consumers enables companies to engage them in co-creation, ensure the relevance of their offerings and enjoy high levels of engagement.

Consumers appreciate brands that cleverly approach them with a personal experience, and show transparency in every touchpoint. In order to lead consumers to an ultimate purchase, brands and retailers must work harder to demonstrate not only what they are offering, but also who they are.

Experiential activities near or inside retail environments are becoming catalysts for engaging consumers and influencing buying considerations. Offering consumers a real experience with your brand is a powerful way to develop a personal relationship with shoppers who are looking for new ideas or open to suggestions. Ultimately, brands need to help consumers to be reassured and come up with clever strategies to fulfil their needs in order to lead to sustainable results.

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