Coca-cola spread ‘green’ happiness by using Facebook Places for recycling campaign

Coca-Cola recycling Facebook check-in campaign When Facebook launched its “Places” service, it instantly became a big hit. Brands have moved towards utilising the new check-in feature for loyalty or reward-type programmes in order to strengthen their relationship with their consumers.

Today, we have seen some good examples of brands embracing the relationship between experiential marketing and social media by pushing location startups to create engaging live brand experiences.

A recent green campaign by Coca-Cola in Israel clearly proves how successful Facebook Places can be. Coca-Cola tagged 10,000 recycling bins throughout the country and turned them into check-in points so people could easily track the locations of recycle spots for their plastic bottles.

Thousands of people checked-in and shared their “recycling experience” on their Facebook profiles. This was certainly a great publicity stunt that not only resulted in good viral marketing for the company, but also became an incentive for people to address environmental issues and helped to increase awareness for the need to recycle.

It’s great to see how brands are using social experiences to amplify their social media activity and build consumer engagement for green campaigns. Well done again Coca-Cola!

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