Celebrating Creativity #98 – Kraft

Kraft Vending Machine Sampling technology keeps getting better and better, and this is the perfect example of a masterful creation, exciting the Hotcow team this week.

This new Intel vending machine from experiential marketing heaven has been used to excellent effect by Kraft to distribute the new adult only ‘Jell-O Temptations’ dessert. Launched in New York and Chicago, the machine can identify users age and gender through ingenious pioneering facial recognition technology, based on biometric data. Upon realising a user is a child, the machine displays a warning sign and refuses to provide a desert sample.

This smart vending machine provide the perfect sampling experience for a segmented audience, and only rewards those old enough to appreciate the indulgence of Jello-O Temptations!

Check out the video below and tweet us your thoughts @Hotcow!

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