Celebrating Creativity #41 – Angry Birds

Angry Birds Live Event Experiential marketing can be designed to create immersing brand experiences that engage the senses of consumers to identify with the brand on many levels. To mark their campaign ‘Life is for Sharing’, Deutsche Telekom pulled off a experiential event in Barcelona that brought our favourite game app Angry Birds to life.

From flying birds to giant pigs, the audience got to experience the amusing characters live and take part in the game for real. Players were able to activate a life-size catapult as with a swipe of a finger on a smartphone screen and use the bubble-shaped birds exploding the green pigs.

To make the experience more real, a jazz band performed the game theme soundtrack during the whole activity. We just love the idea of Angry Birds to be pictured live and it is nice to see that gets great reactions across to the audience.

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