Celebrating Creativity #40 – Dumpster Diving

Macro-Sea Dumpster Pools We are always talking about breaking through the clutter in terms of engaging your audience with creative experiences. Last week we came across this great example of a guerrilla project from a NY-based company called Macro-Sea who developed a new concept of dumpster diving.

Behind the project are three urban designers who decided to recreate a leisure area installation lining up three swimming pools made out of dumpsters. The amazing concept was a big hit during the summer of 2010 in New York being used by thousands of New Yorkers and tourists as part of the Summer Streets program in Manhattan.

Each of the dumpsters were cleaned, painted and sealed with plastic to support the water inside. The dumpster pools were then surrounded by a wrap around deck and lounge areas with chairs and barbecues that recreate a perfect place for pool parties and summer events.

We love the concept and design, great imagination, a fantastic way to stop people in their tracks to get people interacting and talking. This was not attached to a brand, just a great idea for an experience.

Thinking of a green campaign during the summer?! This could be the next big idea for the UK.

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