Celebrating Creativity #104 – Dow

DOW Giant Chalkboard This poignant experiential campaign in New York encompassed community and teamwork in order to solve the worlds longest and largest equation, plastered on a giant chalkboard in the city.

For a period of 5 days, the world was challenged to not only decipher the equation written by Mathematicians, PHDs and Scientists, but also the coded human achievements hidden within the numbers. The campaign, by science based solution company Dow, aimed to draw attention to the unique term ‘Solutionism’, representing the idea that science and humanity can solve anything.

Social media integration through the Giant Chalkboard microsite, Twitter and Tumblr extended the reach of the campaign far beyond the 90,000 people who walked past the physical chalkboard on a daily basis, resulting in a total of 2.1 million impressions in 94 countries over 5 continents. In addition, Dow used social media to engage people online with 2 way communications, helping them to decipher the code with hints, tips and nudges in the right direction!

The experiential execution of this campaign was beautifully effective and eye catching embracing knowledge and discovery in an entirely unique way.

Check out the video for the solution to this incredible equation, and tweet us your thoughts @Hotcow.

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