McDonald’s tries a transparent approach using social media

McDonald's Photo Shoot Last month, McDonald’s Canada launched a social media campaign, which invites consumers to post their questions about McDonald’s food quality and have their enquiries answered with a personal reply from the fast-food chain. The project, called “Our Food. Your Questions”, is aimed at driving an image of transparency for the fast-food chain and at using social media more effectively.

The fact that McDonald’s is looking to add value to its customers by engaging with them via social media is a very clever move; especially after their twitter campaign using the hashtag #McDStories has backfired, leading to many unwelcome stories.

This time though, it seems that they have realised that the best form of social media engagement is listening to what consumers have to say and engaging in conversations with them. People who have asked questions are given the option to show friends the answers by posting the company’s responses on their Facebook or Twitter feeds.

Below is a great example. If you ever wondered why the burgers in McDonald’s ads look different to the ones you buy in a store, McDonald’s Canada’s director of marketing Hope Bagozzi answers that question in a new video, which has got more than 6 million views on Youtube.

In the video, Bagozzi visits a local McDonald’s store, buys a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and brings it to Watt Photostudios, the agency responsible for McDonald’s creative merchandising for the last seven years. There, the burger is photographed alongside another Quarter Pounder with Cheese that had been prepped by Watt.

With food styling tricks and final touches in photoshop, the same type of burger has totally different looks.

Watch the video below for a behind-the-scenes tour of a McDonald’s photo shoot and tweet us your thoughts @Hotcow.

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