Hotcow is out on the ground with LG Launching “Playing by Yourself Just Got Better”!

LG Playing by Yourself Pods To mark the launch of the new LG Optimus 3D smartphone in the UK, LG Electronics has appointed Hotcow as the lead agency to create a fun and playful experiential campaign to demonstrate the full capabilities of the 3D mobile to the public.

As we love creating fun and entertaining campaigns, the Optimus 3D had everything we’d love to play with! Our creative strategy focuses on the playful features of the phone, which enable people to have an intense and interactive experience proving that “Playing by Yourself just got better” with LG Optimus 3D.

Last week we were out on the ground with the PlayPods at Canary Wharf. The public were invited to enter one of the 6 pods and enjoy a completly personal experience in a darkened environment enhancing the depth of the 3D content of the smartphone. We have had some amazing reactions from the public as you can see from the video here.

The Hotcow team is also out and about with the PlayMobile touring the country over the next 50 days. If you spot the Play Girls and Play Boys out in the pubs and clubs around the UK, go and play!

Next week we will launch the PlayHubs, which will be rolled out for 5 weeks in different locations in the UK. We have created 4 playful zones to engage people into a one-to-one 3D experience and to show how “Playing by Yourself just got better”!

We will keep you all posted on our next moves from our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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